Monday, June 8, 2009

Carly's Baby Shower

Carly's Baby Shower was on Saturday and it was a lot of fun. We just sat there a talked it was nice not having to play games and stuff. There was glitter toes too. If you have never gotten these done before they are totally worth it. I love them. The food was great. I was cooking from 8 in the morning until about 12:30. But it was totally worth it. It turned out great. But I have a feeling that Carly and Trixi her little puppy are going to have the babies on the same day. ;) Or when I am gone on one of the trips that we are taking this summer. I sure hope not. I want to be here when she has him.
Me, Carly, My mom, Sister in Law Jessica, and my sister Marie.
Me, Carly & Marie
Trina, Argelia, and Me. I look tired because I had absolutly no make-up on. Lol!
Carly, My Mom, and Jessica

The mother to be! Lol!! She was hating that I was taking picture's of her.


Carly said...

Camille, We have the same back ground! :D We think alike. I probably didn't even realize that you had it cuz I just switched mine like last week! My bad. But man I sure look not so happy in that last picture! Thanks for helping with all the food! Everything was great!

jaysonandcamilleryan said...

Yeah, I just changed mine today. I didn't even relize that it was the same! Lol!! Yeah it was fun. And your welcome.

Brittany Barnes said...

How fun that Carly is having a baby! That is so crazy!