Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend Camp Trip

This is beautiful Pete Winward. It was so peaceful!
This is the crew all packed up and ready to go home on Monday morning! Being out there for 4 days can get you pretty freakin dirty!!
This is Trina and Todd's puppy Lady!! She was really tired!

Chase playing is guitar.

Our campfire. :)

Me, Deborah and Trina.
The Boy's getting firewood. The did this at least once a day for about 2 hours.
The Boy's playing Horseshoes!! The did this all day everyday. Even in the rain.
When we first got up there and we relaxing!!

Camping was so much fun!! It was our first camp trip of the year and definatly not the last. The weather was kind of sucky but it was still really nice. Sunday was the worst day's. Trina and I stayed in the trailer most of the day!! The hail was about the size of a marble and it hailed for about 30 min and the it just rained for a good 4 hours. It cleared up and it turned out to be a nice day tell about 6. Then it started raining again and it rained until the next morning. Monday was the nicest day's while we were up there which was sad because it was the day we were going home but being outside camping for 4 days I was so ready to go home and shower, and even after I showered my hair still smelled like campfire. Lol!! But totally worth it!


Robie and Chelsea said...

That looks like fun! I want to go camping SO bad, but Robie hates it.

Brittany Barnes said...

So glad that it is finally warm enough to go out and do all the fun summer stuff! Love your face!