Monday, April 20, 2009

Our Bedroom

Here are a couple pictures of our lovly bedroom. I love it. My parents actually gave me this log bed and I am in love with it. I wasn't sure that the rest of our bedroom furniture would go with it but it actually looks really good. There will be more pictures up soon I almost have the rest of the house how I want it.

The pictures above our bed are our mats that we had signed at our wedding. They turned out really good. Thanks to Todd and Trina framing them for me. Thanks!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Moving in!

So we finished painting on Tuesday and the Carpet got installed yesterday. So we are officially moving in. We are going to start moving things up today. And hopefully finish with everything big this weekend. We are so excited it is like we are moving into a brand new condo, even though we have lived there for 2 years before. Lol. But my area rug came and my table is on it way right now. It will be here between 11 and 5. We are going to go put it together tonight. I am so excited I can't wait tell all of our stuff is in one place again. It is weird to say but I can't wait to clean my own house again. He he! But I will post pictures of it when we have all our stuff in and organized! Ya!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

My little Tinkerbell

I haven't posted any pictures of my little baby tinkerbell! She is such a sweet little dog and we didn't know that you could really love an animal as much as we love our little tink. So here are some pictures.


So as everyone knows we had to do a lot of improvements to our condo before we moved back in. Here is what the condo looks like right now. I will upload pictures of the condo when it is already for us. We are finishing painting today and then the carpet is getting installed tomorrow. So we are really excited. And my table and area rug are coming today. Yay!! I can't wait