Thursday, February 26, 2009

Deep Sea Fishing

Jayson and I went Deep Sea Fishing while we were in San Diego. This little rock fish is all I caught for the 5 hours we were fishing. Jayson caught this Swell Shark it is pretty cool lookin.

This is us on our way out on the boat to go fishin.

This is a Sea Lion it was at the dock. It would sick up it's head every 3 minutes. They are kind of scary lookin.
These pellicans were every where! They are awesome to watch though! We had a ton of fun and we are hoping the next time we go we will catch more than one each! :(

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More pics

This is the Resturant at the Hotel. It was very nice and you had a great view of the Marina. But we only ate there the first night because it was very expensive!!

Close up!
This is me passed out the first night which was friday!! I was tired! Lol!
This is me standing in some art work that was on ocean beach!
This is a picture of us with our sunglasses that we bought for 17 dollars for the both of them!! Pretty sweet buy!
This is us kissing out on the end of the pier!

This was on the Pier at Ocean Beach it went at least a mile out on to the ocean. It was really pretty just a lot of homeless people asking for change.

This was on Saturday. We decided to take the buses around town because we didn't want to pay for a taxi. This was at Ocean Beach.

San Diego!!!!

Jayson and I just went on vacation to San Diego for our 2 year anniversary and it was so much fun. This is right off the balcony of our hotel room. We stayed at Kona Kai Resort, it is on Shealter Island. It was beautiful! This is the pool area where we spent some of our time, relaxing in the hot tube. But of the back of the pool area was a secluded beach and the hotel marina. It was by far the prettiest place I have ever been. This is just the back of the Island. If you go down to the lobby and out the front doors there was another beach and a boardwalk that you could just stoll along the beach on.