Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scategories (don't know if that is right I just took categories and put a S in front of it hopefully it is right!!)

Rules are: all answers must start with the first letter of your last name.

Here I go!

What is your last name? Ryan
Four letter Word: Rule
Vehicle: Range Rover (I only wish I owned one)
Boy Name: Ryker
Girl Name: Rylee
Pet Name: Rider
Occupation: Reader
Something You wear: Ring
Celebrity: Ryan Seacrest(I don't think that is right, HA HA)
Food: Raviolli
Found in Bathroom: Roll of Toilet Paper
Reason for Being Late: Couldn't find my RING
Cartoon Character: Rein and Stimpy
Something You Shout: Rat
Animal: Rainbow fish
Body Part: Right hand
Word to Describe You: Retarded (it is so true sometimes)
Something You Like To Do: Read
Place You'd Like To Be: Redding(only thing I could think of, don't really want to go there)